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Photo soutien projet Foresterie


General objectives
This program addresses staff and students of all campuses of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. By an annual call, the Foundation invites them to submit innovative ideas aimed at making curriculum or substructures more attractive to the clientele..

Procedures for filing in a project
Funding request forms for a project must be sent to each of the directors of campus before the date specified in the project call. All members of staff as well as the director of each campus may apply. Students wishing to submit a project should be sponsored by a member of staff (Professor, department coordinator, responsible for student life, etc.). Then, becomes the sponsor’s resposability to present the funding request.

Project Analysis
roject proposals are first prioritized locally by the director of the campus before being sent to the Central Committee. The committee, convened by the Director of Studies, consists of 13 people is: the Director General, the Director of Studies, the group director Collegia, the director of each campus (Carleton, ÉPAQ, the Islands and Gaspé), another representative of the staff of each campus and two student representatives.

The central committee is responsible for evaluating the proposals previously prioritized by each campus director and makes its recommendations to the Board of Cornelius-Brotherton Foundation. (The latter reserves the right to accept in whole or in part or reject the recommendations given to them.)

The committee’s recommendations must necessarily take into account three factors:

  • the orientations of the Foundation in terms of project support;
  • the amount available for the current year;
  • the development priorities of each campus and / or institutional development priorities.

Selection criteria
The submitted projects are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • The educational benefits;
  • The attractive effects (promotion and recruitment);
  • The effect on retention (success and perseverance);
  • The Foundation’s contribution of leverage for the realization of the activity;
  • The impacts of the project for the four campuses.

Project Categories

Innovation in curriculum

Program to support the acquisition of specialized equipments or to allow experiments with new teaching approaches.

Internships and international cooperation

Program on supporting development of national and international internships.

Revitalization of student life

Program to enable students to have access to adequate infrastructures and better targeted activities or, more generally, to boost student life on campus.

Promotion and development

Financial support for special promotional campaigns by the Cégep

Publication of selected projects
The person responsible for the project is first notified by email.
The outline of the projects selected for funding are made public by the Foundation a few days after the end of the selection process. This information is published in local and social media in addition to appearing in the Cégep annual report.

The amounts allocated to financing are paid by the Foundation to the College in the days following the announcement of the selected projects. The amounts reserved for the financing of each are then deposited into the budget account of relevant departments or services.