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Entrance scholarships to College

Entrance scholarships to College

General objectives

This program specifically designed for graduating high school students aims to encourage as many young people as possible to enroll in one of our college campuses and doing so exerting a form of retention of this population in our region.

To achieve this, the program recognizes four aspects:

  • The desire to study in region;

  • the leadership;

  • the acquisition of a second language;

  • the entrepreneurial spirit.

General eligibility criteria

A) Origin

Students from high schools and adult education centers of the territory between Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and Matapedia, including Magdalen Islands, are eligible for entrance scholarships (welcome, leadership, immersion and young entrepreneur). The program also applies to Anglophone students from the territory of the Eastern Shores School Board including the North Shore and the Lower North Shore.


The student must be currently completing his secondary V the same year he applies for and admission to college;


Being already a DES graduate and registering to college for the first time.

C) Admission

The student must have been accepted into a full-time program leading to a DEC in one of the college campuses of the Gaspésie et des Îles in the first round of SRACQ (request for admission submitted by March 1).

NOTE : To receive the scholarship, spread over 2 sessions, students have to be enrolled full time in college after the date of cancellation during each session.

See the summary table of scholarships offered (PDF) (format PDF)

For more information and how to make an application, see our program (pdf)