Gaspé, October 29, Following a call for projects launched in the spring by the Fondation Cornélius-Brotherton, members of the staff have once again innovated in quality, variety and vitality concerning the forwarded projects. Some thirty-threeof them were proposed in three fields of the financial support program:

  • Innovation in program of studies
  • Student’s life dynamisation in the four campuses
  • Student’s mobility, international cooperation and in work training

Submitted propositions were diversified. Without surprise, and taking account of theremoteness of the campuses, agood proportion of requests for financial support aimed to make it easier for students to visit different places, attend a conference or join in work training facilities. Other initiatives were of a variety of targets including: Open air facilities, aquaponics, aquaculture, reforestation and landscaping, experimentation with vegetable gardening and theater. The analysis committee made its recommandationsto the Board and the Fondation recently announced that it will support financially 30 projects.

Fondation Cornélius-Brotherton is very pleased to promote relalizations improving student’s life at the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. Upgrading educational, sporting and cultural activities is a notable addition to the actual range of possibilities.For an eleventhconsecutive year, such a financial aid is granted to a wide variety of projects. Beeing part of our financial support program,182projects from the four campuses have since 2008 received $385000.

Le financement de tels projets est offert pour une onzième année consécutive et a permis, à ce jour, d’injecter 385 000$ dans les 4 campus du cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. Il fait partie intégrante du programme de bourses et de soutien financier de la Fondation Cornélius-Brotherton. Pour plus de détails, consultez le communiqué de presse officiel sur le site Web.